Troops recover Marte, kill numerous terrorists – Military spokesman – TV channels

Map of Born, a state in northeastern Nigeria.

The Nigerian military said on Tuesday that it had recovered New Marta in the state of Borno from the grip of Boko Haram terrorists.

The army’s chief of staff, Major General Ibrahim Attahiru, gave the soldiers an ultimatum of 48 hours on Sunday to retake the city.

“Airborne-backed troops from the Nigerian Air Force successfully stormed the city of Marta, destroying several improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and landmines on their routes, killing numerous terrorists from Boko Haram / ISWAP, and successfully recovering the city,” the statement said. signed by Army spokesman Brigadier General Mohammed Yerima.

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“The gallant troops currently have complete control over the general area. Details coming soon. ”

‘Morality is high’

According to military sources, terrorists raised the flag in parts of Marta last week after repeated attacks on the community.

On Sunday, Major General Attahiru, while visiting the local Dikwa government in Borno, gave troops on the ground a 48-hour march to clean up Marta and three other communities in the state of Borno.

“In the last few days, we have had attacks in your area of ​​responsibility: now is the high time to return and fight and support our forces in front of you. The areas around Marte, Chukungudu, Krenoe and Kirte Wulgo must be cleared within the next 48 hours, ”he said.

“You can be sure of all the support needed in this very difficult task. I just talked to your theater commander, the commanding general, you can’t let this nation down. Go there and do what it takes, and I’ll be right behind you. Be sure to do your job and do it well.

“They raised certain issues that arose, and we would have resolved them sooner; where there are no suitable A and B vehicles we would make these few remarks. I wish you well in the operation and I know that morale is high. “