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Global market for air-insulated switchgear: An overview

Substations using air-insulated switchgear mainly use air to insulate phase to ground and phase to phase and were in operation for years before the introduction of gas-insulated substations. Substations in air-insulated switchyards are best suited for accelerated installations because they require less time to build. Moreover, it is easy to troubleshoot because all the equipment is in sight, which helps in easy maintenance. Such substations are practically feasible due to the low cost of switchgear and construction and quality design. Furthermore, they are one of the first choices for areas with enough space.

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The global market for air-insulated switchgear: key trends

The international market for air-insulated switchgear is forecast to have an advantage, with huge growth expected to be witnessed due to low capital investment and rapid investment in transmission and distribution infrastructure. Market growth could be hampered by the threat of replacements such as gas-insulated switchgear, which can be installed even underground, except indoors, because they are filled with sulfur hexafluoride and completely enclosed, while air-insulated switchgear needs more space. But air-insulated switchgear is finding use in a number of different segments according to voltage range, installation and application, opening up new avenues for players in the air-insulated switchgear market.

The indoor insulation switchgear market is projected to record a faster growth rate, as well as to dominate other installation segments over the forecast period 2017–2025. Their use in applications related to distribution, production and processing, infrastructure and transport and electricity generation sectors, it is predicted that air-insulated switchgear of 3 kV-36 kV will show faster and higher growth. The application predicts that transmission and distribution will stimulate good demand in the global air insulation market, which can be attributed to the growing attention on investment and production of renewable energy.

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Global market for air-insulated switchgear: market potential

Siemens India had a perfect day at the office in March 2017, when it won a project worth INR 187.4 crore from Dhaka from the Bangladesh Rural Electrification Committee (BREB). The project is expected to include the construction of 33/11 kV air insulation switchboards, also in Chittagong and Sylhet. The company’s stock price rose 1.3% on Friday. Siemens was quoted INR 1,250.35 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) at INR 10.80, in the same period. The project is being researched to use solutions and products that are all manufactured in Siemens India factories.

Global market for air-insulated switchgear: A regional overview

Researchers predict six key regions, namely. Africa, South America, the Middle East, North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, which could set the tone for the global market for air-insulated switchgear. Of these, the Asia-Pacific region is projected to be overshadowed by outstanding dominance and higher CAGR throughout the forecast period. Countries such as India and China and Southeast Asia are projected to be the main regions driving the growth of the air-insulated switching market in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, the decent presence of generation facilities, rising transmission and distribution costs, and huge electricity generation capacity are projected to help the Asia-Pacific region make a statement in the global air insulation market.

Global Air Isolated Switchgear Market: A Competitive Landscape

One of the most widely accepted strategies of leading companies in the international market for air-insulated switchgear can be contracts and agreements. However, they are expected to be accompanied by new product launches, acquisitions and mergers, and expansions. Some of the dominant players in the global air-insulated switchgear market are Eaton Corporation PLC, General Electric Company, Schneider Electric SE, Siemens AG and ABB.

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