TRACKING: Next winter storm?

Tonight: The sky is clear and cold. Temperatures drop to a digit below zero in the morning. It’s a breeze before midnight. After midnight, the wind decreases and is lightened by the sunrise from the northwest. Chills can reach 10 degrees below sometimes

Christmas day: It is a peaceful day with generally sunny skies. Temperatures are not so cold with highs reaching as low as 20 degrees in the afternoon. The wind comes from the west at 10-15 mph.

Friday night: The wind is weak under a clear sky. Temperatures are not so low with the morning low in adolescence.

Saturday: This is going to be a beautiful day in late December. Predominantly sunny, a light wind and high in the mid-thirties.

Domigo: Much more clouds are expected with a small chance of light rain or some snowflakes. The maxims are in the mid-1930s again with a light north wind.

Monday: Mostly sunny.

Tuesday Wednesday: Possible winter storm to impact the trip.