Tips approved by experts that can help you achieve your ideal body weight effortlessly

Weight Management: Nibble on fresh fruit to beat your hunger pangs


  • Snack on fresh fresh fruit to defeat hunger
  • Exercise regularly to burn calories efficiently
  • Maintain a healthy weight with foods rich in fiber

This pandemic has made us realize the importance of good health. When we define good health, it is not only the absence of disease, but also a sense of well-being. The need for a healthy diet and lifestyle cannot be stressed enough. What you eat affects your mental as well as physical health in many ways. Physical activity also plays a major role in not only burning calories but also in reducing the risk of certain diseases. A healthy body weight can be achieved with the right combination of diet and physical activity. Here are some tips to help you maintain an inactive weight.

Weight Management: Follow these tips for a healthy weight

1. Eat like this

Start the day by eating a proper and healthy breakfast-

Promise yourself that you will eat a healthy and sumptuous breakfast every day. There is enough research to prove that people who eat breakfast are healthier. Skipping breakfast in the morning can be a bad idea. Later in the day, you can stay hungry, tired and look for less healthy food.

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Healthy snack-

Many eat less during meals, thinking it will help them lose weight, but then stick around during the day and actually ingest unhealthy calories by eating garbage. Avoid snacking on namkeene, bhujias, fried items like samosas, chips, etc., instead bite into fruits, nuts, chanas or keep some healthy drinks like buttermilk, coconut water for snacking.


Eat nuts and seeds to beat hunger between meals
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Say no to sugar-

Refine sugar provides empty calories. Excessive consumption can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, caries and lead to weight gain. Switch to natural sources such as fruits, dates, figs, etc.

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Get closer to nature-

Focus on the right foods and whole foods. Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and reduce your intake of processed foods.

2. Get in shape

Cut out 100 calories and burn 100 calories-

Follow this mantra every day and by the end of the year you can lose weight effectively. Take skim milk instead of whole cream, instead of samosa, mixes and biscuits choose nuts and fruits.

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Do mini workouts-

Divide your 1 hour into three segments of 20 minutes throughout the day. Choose a combination of activities such as walking with yoga, weights, etc. For a better result.


Take small breaks and exercise regularly
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Be active to burn more calories-

Go up the stairs more often or even walk to your colleagues after a chat lunch. These are simple ways to burn more calories. Your goal is at least 10,000 steps a day. Track the number of steps to progress each day.

A healthy weight can keep several diseases at bay. Follow these tips and reach your inactive BMI.

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