TikTok user highlighted Jennifer Aniston’s vocal habit in “Friends”

If you don’t want to ruin it Friends keep scrolling for yourself, but you might as well read this article because it will literally drive you crazy. A TikTok user has just pointed out the main vocal habit that Jennifer Aniston has in a classic show, and I’m shocked that I never noticed it, but also annoyed that I can’t hear it now.

It all started when someone on TikTok asked people to connect their video with “a corpse in the media that once you see it, you can’t detect it”. Then he jumped in @ cts.trphe. They explained by saying that their example was “technically not a trope” but would “ruin” the viewer’s life. Then they warned it Friends the fans should have moved on, but I kept watching because I was brave.

Then @ cts.trphe dropped the tea. “Jennifer Aniston has that vocal tic that works at the beginning of every sentence she starts on any show she’s on,” they said. “It’s very specific and it’s very hard not to see it when you notice it.”

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Then you see a montage of what can only be described as Jennifer constantly clearing her throat many different scenes. Honestly, like someone who watched it Friends many times I immediately recognized the sound, but I don’t think I ever realized how much it creates.

The video comment section is wild. Half of the users are passionate Friends fans were afraid to finish the video and reveal the tick. There are other viewers who have said they have noticed this themselves before. “It works so much,” one commenter wrote. “A lot of people have crutches when they’re acting when they don’t know what else to do. A lot of people sigh or grumble, etc.”

Meanwhile, others said they watched an episode of the show in which she doesn’t do it once. Some have suggested that she would do so at the beginning of the joke to emphasize her point, and this is not as exaggerated as it seems to TickToker. Anyway, now I have a new excuse to watch again Friends.

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