Thomas Tuchel was fired by Paris Saint-Germain just a day after giving a controversial interview

Thomas Tuchel has been officially relieved of his duties as manager of Paris Saint-Germain.

The news comes just months after Tuchel led the French giants to the Champions League final.

The German manager leaves the club with PSG in second place in Ligue 1 and is safely passing to the sixteenth European Championship champions.

Some may be surprised by PSG’s sudden decision to replace Tuchel – especially since they beat Strasbourg 4-0 last night.

But the dismissal may have something to do with a controversial interview he gave to the German agency Sport 1 on Wednesday.

He said, according to GetFootballNewsFrance: “To be completely honest, during the first six months I said to myself,‘ Am I still a manager or am I a sports politician, a sports minister? Where is my role as a manager in such a club now? I said to myself: I just want to be a coach. ‘

“I think that’s why I became a coach and that’s why I still am, I can be found anywhere.

“Anywhere where there is half a training ground and a DVD player to record videos. I love the game at heart and I can get that pleasure in many ways as a manager.

“Sometimes it’s very easy, sometimes it’s a big challenge, because a club like PSG has a number of influences, apart from the team’s focused interest … I just love football. And in a club like this, it’s not always just football.”

Thomas Tuchel of PSG

Tuchel also complained about the fact that he didn’t get much credit when he led PSG to the Champions League final.

“We’ve only been in one game since winning the Champions League, and yet we’ve never had the sensation that we won people over and that our work was recognized,” he added, for AS.

“It can sometimes make you a little sad and angry. In any case, there are high expectations in the club and the environment that surrounds it.

“You have the feeling that winning a league is not valued in the same way as Bayern Munich, for example.”

Tuchel, of course, defended his comments when asked about them after the win against Strasbourg, saying they had ‘mistranslated’.

But the damage may have already been done.

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