This TikTok shows how to make baby Yoda gingerbreads

I know it’s been over a year, but, hey, I haven’t gotten over Baby Yoda yet! Nobody, TBH, and the second season Mandalorian has definitely helped revive our obsession. As the holiday season is in full swing, there are quite a few Star Wars gifts you may have bought, and while I’m sure the recipient will appreciate those gifts, they’re probably not as enchanting as this WILD Baby Yoda gingerbread sculpture.

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Gingerbread is like that in 2019, you know? This year, people are going for gingerbread trains, Oreo houses and cake huts, but @sugargeekshow on TikTok has raised its homemade gingerbread to another level. She started by making gingerbread dough from scratch – and then shaped it around a bead mold to create a floating Baby Yode hub.

From there, she explains in the video, she colored each dough and created her own mold from the Grog doll she was laying. The pieces were tied together using royal ice and ice cream, and when it all came together, Baby Yoda sat in her main hem wearing her signature cloak and using force to float into a silver ball. I’ve always said that Baby Yoda is so stinky sweet that I literally want to eat it … and this makes it oh, so possible i crazy festive, so I know what I’m doing for the family gingerbread competition next year. Just your usual day on the internet, I guess!

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