This stunning photo of the ISS passing between Jupiter and Saturn was taken on film

The great connection between Jupiter and Saturn is all the news of the last days. And if you were lucky enough to have clear skies, you could observe or photograph it. Photographer Jason De Freitas took this rare opportunity to photograph and create something completely unique. He managed to catch a trace of the ISS between Jupiter and Saturn during the conjunction – and that on film.

“I was incredibly lucky to realize that I could see the path of the International Space Station traveling through the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction,” says Jason. He needed to seriously plan to score this bullet. And then on December 17, he embarked on a one-hour drive to the exact spot where he would see the ISS traveling between the two planets.

The photo was taken at the Jellore lookout, Mittagong, Australia, at exactly 9:53:05 p.m., with a 10s exposure. Jason used his Pentax 67 paired with a Takumar 600mm f / 4 lens with a Fujifilm Provia 100f reel inside. He used the equatorial carrier Skywatcher NEQ6 for monitoring. And here is an amazing photo he took:

Jason says this is probably the most unique recording he has ever recorded. And I know for sure that this is the only shot of a great relationship that I have seen so far. If you want to get a print, you can order it through Jason’s online store. And be sure to check out his website and Instagram for more of his fantastic works.

[via PetaPixel]