This classy bot will brutally knock you down because of your Spotify taste

(CNN) – Remember that kid at school who thought he had a great, unmistakable taste in music, and yours was extremely cold?

Someone trained AI to be that person.

The bot “How bad is your Spotify”, brought to you by the digital publication Pudding, will analyze your Spotify account and give you your thoughts on how much your taste in music is worth the horror.

That is, if you give him permission to access your profile – and if you are able to fight the relentless baking of bots in a year when, frankly, listening to questionable music is just another way of dealing with … * gestures into space. *

This bot has no patience for any of your guilt. If he sees too much Taylor Swift (and let’s face it, he probably will), he’ll point that out. He will wonder, with a derogatory ray of disbelief, if you are listening to certain songs. They’ll also react to some of your most listened-to music settings and ask you if you’re okay – a condition that we’re all obviously not in 2020. That seems unwarranted.

Finally, the AI ​​will tell you how bad your taste in music is, qualifying it with labels that feel unusually specific, including, but not limited to, “learn-about-rap-from-tiktok bad” or “scented-candle- “i-hard-seltzer bad. “

Spotify’s “Wrapped Up by 2020” was all positive reinforcement, neatly packaged and made for sharing on social media, but people going through the “How Bad Your Spotify is” pull also share their social media results to show how much AI hard came for them.

If you want to be bullied by some technology today, be our guest.

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