This AI tool will bake your musical taste based on your Spotify habits

  • The new AI tool from The Pudding bakes you based on your listening habits in Spotify.
  • Once you give the app access to your Spotify, it will guide you through a series of queries that ask you to answer questions about your taste in music.
  • Lastly, it categorizes your taste, reveals your most listened songs and performers, and tells you what percentage you are “basic”.
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Spotify Wrapped, the annual report of the streaming music platform, is a tradition that provides an annual tradition that gives every user of streaming music an excuse to post their musical taste on social media with their abandoned posts. If you’re tired of Spotify Wrapped’s great graphics and encouraging messaging, the new AI tool from The Pudding gives it to you by directly baking daylight from your musical taste.

To access the tool, simply go to this “How bad is your Spotify?” page on The Pudding and click, giving it access to your Spotify account. The app warns that Spotify limits the number of people who can use it at once, so you may have to wait a minute or try on another device.

Once you grant the tool access to your Spotify, you’ll be guided through a series of condescending queries asking you to claim songs – “Are you really listening to LOVE BOMB by fromis_9?” asked me – or the question of whether you are doing well given your preference for a particular artist. Through it all you are subtly frying.

“[O]h great another LOONA apartment … “, he told me.

pudding spotify ai baking tool

Yes, I’ve been listening to a lot of BTS lately, no, I’m not okay.


At the end of the sequence, the bot spits out a series of multiple phrases to describe your musical taste. According to the app, my music is “k-pop-for-breakfast-wet-ass-kombucha-brewing bad”, mixing my love for BTS, “WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)” and Tegan and Sarah. According to the tool, my taste was also “first in line for Chromatica-Oreos bad” and “dula-peep bad.”

It will also tell you what percentage of your music’s “basic” taste is and in what musical era you are trapped.

spotify ai baked bot 2

Apartment LOONA.


Although it may seem targeted, the bot is not fully personalized – a quick scan of social networks reveals that many people get the same types inquiries,, answers, and baking, albeit with different artists and replaced songs. People share their results on social media as well as make memes about how the app bakes them.

It’s clear why a lot of people posted their results on Wednesday, and some used a hashtag #SpotifyAI to be publicly teased (it’s worth noting that the term “Spotify AI” was also active on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon). It’s fun to talk about your music, but it’s even more fun to have an excuse to defend it.