These Super Smash Bros fighters will BEAT Sephiroth

Sephiroth may be a challenging character to face, but these five characters can take advantage of some of his biggest weaknesses.

Super Smash Bros. UltimateThe last DLC character, Sephiroth, justifies his iconic status Final Fantasy boss having one of the scariest moves in the game. With its huge range of hand-held match, mobility capabilities, powerful projectiles and several ways to combine opponents from zero percent to death, including his final defeat, Sephiroth can seem like an incredibly tough opponent. However, there are some noticeable weaknesses that certain fighters can take advantage of.

It’s hard to know which characters will become the right choice for Sephiroth in the long run. As more people start experimenting with Sephiroth, new strategies may emerge to uncover its weaknesses. However, players have so far been able to identify some clear weaknesses in the character’s basic movement.

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The basics of how a character works are usually pretty clear signs of its overall viability. Things like the speed of movement, the speed of their moves, the frame data, and even how the AI ​​uses the character, can give players some early impressions of how to fight them. Taking all this into account, here are six characters who are powerful choices to fight the One-Winged Angel.

Young Link

Young Link is a great character who takes advantage of some of Sephiroth’s main weaknesses. Although his eight-foot-long sword might look intimidating, he clearly preferred length and width. His vertical hitbox is much smaller than the horizontal, so short characters, like Young Link, will actually have a natural advantage over Sephiroth

Young Link is also able to counter Sephiroth’s potential to protect the edges thanks to his recovery. A recovery that involves some sort of rope, chain, or mooring at the edge of the stage gives the user a short amount of invulnerability that can bypass many of Sephiroth’s edge protection moves. Fortunately, Young Link happens to have a shot to hit, which can also be used off stage to hook up to the edge of the stage.

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Sephiroth’s ability to keep a reliable distance from his opponent is one of his most obvious strengths, as there aren’t too many characters in the game that can surpass him. Any character who can combine up close will be a great choice. Fox stands out from other similar characters, such as Zero Suit Samus and Roy, because he has a few extra tools to deal with Sephiroth, mostly because of his missiles and his overall speed. However, there are a few specific options that give Fox an advantage.

The most obvious is Fox’s reflection. This counteracts the vast amount of what Sephiroth can throw out, including his side B and neutral B. Sakurai has shown this weakness in Sephiroth’s gameplay display by demonstrating that, if a fully charged Gigaflare is reflected, it is powerful enough to potentially kill Sephiroth at zero damage. In addition, Fox’s recovery gives him a lot of quick options that put a little more pressure on Sephiroth’s edge.

Fox has one major weakness against Sephiroth – he has no answer to the range of Sephiroth. Although its blaster can damage the chip, it won’t be as useful as other missiles when it comes to approaching. The biggest thing a Fox player has to keep in mind when fighting Sephiroth is when they can use mistakes to get closer.

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Much like Young Link, ROB is on the shorter side. In addition, the little robot has a multitude of options that help him get closer and get around Sephiroth’s offense. However, ROB plays a different weakness of Sephiroth: he is not a fast character, and many of his moves have long start-up times or a lot of endings. In contrast, ROB has missiles that come out fairly quickly at a natural speed enough to take advantage and bring distance closer.

ROB’s biggest weakness against Sephiroth is his recovery. It’s pretty slow and predictable, so if ROB tries to recover under the stage, Sephiroth will be able to take advantage of it easily. People who use ROB against Sephiroth prefer recovery from above, as this will provide players with more opportunities.

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Pikachu and Pichu

Known collectively as “rats,” Pikachu and Pichu are little characters who have a lot of projectiles and quick moves in a match that can easily bypass Sefirot’s reach. In fact, the rats are perhaps among the strongest counterattacks against Sephiroth. It’s no secret that they are some of the most played characters in the game and that they are often quite high on the lists.

A lot Break professionals have already pointed to Pikachu and Pichu as contrasts to Sephiroth. This can be frustrating for players who are already tired of the number of Pikachu and Pichu players online. Rats can already take advantage of the prominent internet lag, so any character with slower moves can give Pikachu and Pichu a natural advantage.

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Little Mac

Little Mac may have just found one of his biggest worries in Sephiroth. Not only does boxer height give him a natural advantage, but Mac’s overall playing is all about getting closer and avoiding a fight off stage. Sephiroth’s greatest tools require him to be able to keep opponents away and guard them sharply, so a way of playing that naturally opposes these two things will create a huge amount of trouble for him. In a way, Little Mac combines a lot of the advantages that the previous characters from this list have.

Mali Mac’s smashing attacks and counterattacks are two great tools for approaching, because they allow him to move through attacks that would otherwise cause a backlash. The Little Mac counter can also be activated on missiles, and since the Sephiroths are fairly telegraphically displayed, the main Mac Mac should be able to pull that counter before it hits. It’s actually appropriate that Little Mac, the ultimate outsider, is actually one of the best counterattacks to one of the most famous bosses in games.

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