The ZTE Axon 20 5G endurance test scans the camera below the screen

One of the world’s biggest smartphone innovations this year has almost gone under the radar, in part due to limited availability. However, ZTE eventually made its Axon 20 5G available in several markets (except the US and Canada), and with it the first commercially available under-screen camera. There was definitely some interest in both the technology and its output, and the new phone almost begs for removal, but not before JerryRigEverything puts it through the usual measures to see how easily or hard it will break down.

We will just do our best to declare the ZTE Axon 20 5G a very durable phone. Although it cost almost half the price of the top flagship models this year, the phone still manages to use durable, premium components, especially the glass on both sides of the phone. In fact, almost the entire front is covered with glass, hiding all the sensors underneath, although there is still a bit of a chin at the bottom.

The exceptions are the sides of the phone made of plastic. Fortunately, this has no negative consequences even if the phone bends slightly during the bending test. In addition, the phone survived intact.

YouTuber Zack Nelson spends more time on the camera below the screen or in the UDC. ZTE has already revealed some tricks it used to make them possible, but it’s still interesting to see how it is performed in the real world.

However, users considering this phone will have to choose between design and functionality. Although UDC works in practice, reviews have already turned the quality of camera output. It’s definitely not something a vlogger or influencer might be able to rely on for a living.