The worst part of ‘Rise of Skywalker’ finally makes sense

Balancing force it was never the job of a Jedi. And, if you imagine a slightly more coherent, less abrupt version The rise of the Skywalker, the idea that Ray and Ben’s relationship was an essential thing for equalizing the weight of the Force, and then suddenly, the dumbest thing about Episode IX, becomes the best thing.

Let’s talk about Force Dyad,, and why it’s actually the best thing on paper The rise of the Skywalker, although it seems the worst.

We need to talk about the Dyad of Force

Give me some of that dyad!Lucasfilm

Two sides of the Force.Lucasfilm

A new book called Skywalker – a family at war,, written by Christine Baver, is a fictional history book that focuses on one aspect of Star Wars, from a space perspective. It seems like the first non-fiction book Star Wars that is a canon, but also a book of prose, unlike a book, a table like Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker: A Visual Dictionary. Several excerpts from the book have been published recently, including one that focuses on the history of Ben Sol and Ray.

There are all sorts of interesting details here about how Han Solo became the worst dad ever, but, compared to Ray and Ben, the details that are fastest kept quiet are probably the things that make Ben and Rey’s relationship so interesting. Here is what the book says about their Force Dyad, according to io9:

“The two were indelibly connected by the Force in the form of a dyad. The exact cause and nature of such a thing is shrouded in mystery. Both halves of the relationship centered on the Force had tremendous power in the Force, a dynastic family lineage and together, a raw power unseen for generations that had the ability to give birth to life itself. “

The line “unseen for generations” is directly from Grandpa Palps ’conversation The rise of the Skywalker, when they both introduce the concept of the “dyad in the Force” and then decide to use it for their own purposes less than 15 seconds after we were even allowed to think about what it might mean. It is a pity that there is no more about this in this passage, which is hardly the fault of the author. Clearly, Lucasfilm doesn’t want to go too deep into things with dyads; either because they somehow want everyone to forget it or because they have plans for it.

Anyway, like Family at war makes it quite clear, even briefly, that the dyad is 100 percent the most interesting thing in the whole business of Ray and Ben, especially because it is basically the silent reason why the force was balanced.

Let’s not twist it at the end The rise of the Skywalker, The force was rebalanced, and we know this because Anakin said to Rey, “Restore balance to Rey, as I did.” If we take this literally, it means that Anakin’s spirit believes that he managed to balance the Force by killing Palpatine for the first time. If we accept that Anakin balanced the Force, what balanced it?

Unbalanced force

I’m here to be too cute and to get a balance of power as soon as possible.Lucasfilm

Here’s a theory that seems to be able to side with the strength of Freddie Prinze Jr. Back in October 2019, Prinze Jr. – the voice of Kanan Jarrus further Rebels – presented a rather convincing way of thinking about the Force that is facing its own tides. Here is the relevant bit:

“Power dictates who wins and loses on the basis of balance … So, the emperor knows that. Instead of killing Anakin, what is he doing? Seduces Anakin. To double the power of the Dark Side. So what does force do? That balances us out. How? It gives us twins. Luke and Leia. Two and fucking two. Balance. ”

Significantly, Freddie Prinze Jr. The rise of the Skywalker came out even before we found out (for sure) that the Dyad of Force was part of a conspiracy. But he qualified it by saying he knew all about the Force “because Dave Filoni taught me and George Lucas taught him.”

So if we revisit the equation of Prinze Jr., then after Palpatine and Vader both die, the force is balanced because Luke and Leia have just enough darkness and light to make everything pretty stable. But then, Leia and Han decide to have a child – Ben Solo – probably once again an imbalance of Force.

And so, in order rebalance force, Rey was born. This means that the dyad between Ray and Ben is essential to balancing the Force Mostly and it seems to indicate that the will of the Force created a hot and sweaty bond between Ray and Ben because, basically, he just had to. (That’s right, “Reylos,” that was fate!)

This idea coincides with the canon of George Lucas because in Clone wars Mortis episodes, we’re basically told directly that Anakin’s refusal to stay on Mortis is what causes the first big imbalance forces that will occur. To take there? Very powerful people could balance the Force by being selfish, but it could balance itself with sacrifice.

Why Force Dyad is bad news for Baby Yoda

Can Grog help balance the force?Lucasfilm

Baby Yoda in particular has exactly the same healing power that Rey and Ben use The rise of the Skywalker. In fact, he even introduced that Force force (for the screen canon) a few days earlier The rise of the Skywalker came out. Does Baby Yoda have any questions about how the force balances?

Maybe this isn’t something someone wants to hear, but Grog could get to know Ben Solo completely Mandalorian Season 3. Ben was born on the 5th of ABY, shortly after the Battle of Endor. Mandalorian it happens in the 9th REBELLION, which means Ben Solo was about four years old at the exact time Luke Skywalker captured Grogo of Mand.

Assuming Ahsoka and Grog are powerful enough to change the balance of the Force (big guess!) The fact that Grog could meet preschooler Ben Sol in Mando season 3 is a bit scary. Family at war tells us that Ben, even as a child, still had “anger until late at night”. Fairly speaking, this is not a sign that your child will turn to the Dark Side, but it could indicate that Luke’s child is not yet being trained as a Jedi.

The bigger thing is: if the dyad was the thing that helped make it restore balance after the birth of Ben Sol, then at the time of Baby Yoda, it does not yet exist. Rey will not be born until the 15th ABY, six years in the future for Mandalorian time frame. So if Grog has any influence on the balance of the Force, that won’t be the case until Rey shows up. So again, who knows when Force even decided to make a dyad between Ray and Ben? Snoke claimed to have reconnected the minds of the two The last Jedi. But according to what we saw The rise of the Skywalker, The Force obviously had other plans.

If the Star Wars canon decides to revisit the concept of the dyad, it should happen with pride and confidence. The problem everyone had with the dyad The rise of the Skywalker whether this was hastily explained and seemed hardly important. But based on what we know about the Force’s obsession to balance, the basic concept makes a lot of sense. Let’s just hope Baby Yoda decides to leave the Jedi Order before things get too unhappy with Ren.

Skywalker – a family at war is out now.