‘The World to Come’: Isolationist themes highlighted by Covid

Director Mona Fastvold knew immediately that she wanted to approach “The World to Come”. Fastvold and the cast visited IndieWire’s Sundance studio, which introduced Adobe, to discuss the creation of a 19th-century romantic drama.

For lead lady Katherine Waterston, what Fastvold used with the film was to create a character from a language that did not exist. “I didn’t actually find it embarrassing,” Waterston said. “But she [her character] she could not speak because there was no place in her world for the language she had to speak. “The actress says that although there are specifics in the character’s trouble, the themes of finding love are universal.

Both Waterston and Kirby have had transparent years, balancing serious independent work like this with appearances in massive franchises like “Fantastic Beast” and “Mission: Impossible”. Waterston said, “It takes so long to figure out” what she learned while making this film compared to her previous work.

“From this film, I definitely learned what women looked like in the 1860s,” Kirby said. “I literally felt ignorant [about] how few choices you had in your life and that made me incredibly grateful for the freedoms that, comparatively, we must seek. “Kirby said she feels an additional kinship with the film given its emphasis on isolation. The global pandemic and our year of social distancing have heightened those feelings.” I think that’s what we all miss. I missed it every day, “she said. .

Waterston explained that she was drawn to feelings of emotional vulnerability and how her view of the disease from the ’60s felt similar to today’s. It was difficult to separate the current events from the portrayal in the film. “When we were in Venice and, at the beginning of the film, Dyer [Casey Affleck] get sick. When he coughed for the first time, you just felt a chill through the audience, ”Waterston said. “It really surprised me, it didn’t occur to me until I was sitting there.”

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