The world of Xbox cloud games is expanding to Apple devices as well

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Microsoft began trial work on Monday by letting people play Xbox cloud games using Apple mobile devices as well as Windows PCs.

A small test that has spread to 22 countries is a step by the Xbox maker to allow gaming that is usually limited to consoles using smartphones, tablets or personal computers.

The list of countries includes Britain, France and the United States.

“This is an exciting step on our path to bringing games closer to 3 billion players worldwide,” xCloud project vice president Catherine Gluckstein said in a blog post.

A limited number of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will receive invitations to access the catalog of hundreds of titles via Edge, Chrome or Safari web browsers, according to Gluckstein.

Microsoft planned to make this option available to all Ultimate subscribers in the coming months if the test passes well.

The Xbox Game Pass had about 18 million subscribers worldwide late last year, according to data released in January by Microsoft boss Satya Nadell.

Microsoft has played to the strength of its Xbox unit as it competes with the cloud-based Luna and Stadia cloud gaming services.

The Xbox cloud gaming service will be introduced in September

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