The World Igbo Congress rejects EbubeAgu, asking the governments of Southeast Europe to strengthen the ESN

… S’East government, Ohanaeze, PG compile names of IPOB members, ESN operatives hand over to the army —IPOB

… Ohanaeze warns against military deployment in the southeast zone

… Igbo group worried about the situation in the southeast

… Increased insecurity in the southeast is troubling Anglican bishops

By Marie-Therese Nanlong, Dennis Agbo, Ugochukwu Alaribe, Chimaobi Nwaiwu, and Steve Oko

The Igbo World Congress, WIC, rejected the formation of Southeast Governor EbubeAgu as an alternative regional security equipment. That group preferred to call on governors to support the Eastern Security Network (ESN), stop their fraud and serve the people.

This happened when the natives of Biafra, IPOB, raised the alarm that the governors of the Southeast, in cooperation with Ohanaeze Ndigba and some “treacherous” traditional rulers and general presidents of some communities, were compiling the names of suspected operatives of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, and members and supporters of IPOB. and for persecution.

This is even as the main socio-cultural organization of Igbo, Ohanaeze Ndigbo warned that military deployment to the southeastern zone could lead to the disintegration of Nigeria.

Similarly, the Pan Igbo Research Center, Izu-Umunna Cultural Association of Nigeria, expressed concern over what it called the deteriorating security situation in southeastern Nigeria and condemned the recent chaos in the state of Imo.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Igbo World Congress, prof. Anthony Ejiofor and members of the group’s executive said in a statement yesterday that they had rejected the new safety clothing because it was a duplication of ESN’s function.

The group said the decision was made because it became clear that key security officials of an ethnic group seeking to ensure the destruction of the Igbo race were involved in a meeting with Southeast governors.

“There is an Igbo saying that advises you not to carry a squirrel in the same bag with corn. How do you expect Fulani security officers whose cousins ​​are herders to plan security in the southeast? How do you expect these same people whose relatives and kin hold the sword of Damocles over our heads to be our defenders? Our torturers cannot protect us from planned destruction. Governors should beware of the Trojan Horse!

“Taking into account the above, the Igbo World Congress, rejects Ebubeagu’s protective equipment after the circumstances surrounding the announcement and claims that ESN was involved in the Owerri prison break without evidence,” it said.

The WIC insisted that the governor’s improvised behavior was a mitigating effort against Igbo’s plan to protect himself, noting that this could only support a genuine interest in the safety of life and property in Igbo country, which should be an Igbo project.

The WIC further said it would not apologize for demanding that homeland protection be an Igbo affair, describing the governor’s action as an abdication of Igbo’s inalienable rights to self-preservation.

“” Government national security operatives have failed to prosecute the captured Fulani gangs and have not proved fair and just to the nation.

“Southeast governors must revitalize their ministries of justice and begin prosecuting violators of the ‘open grazing law’ by enforcing the laws in their book. He will help check on the Fulani looting cattlemen. Creating stereotypes of safety equipment is now no longer a priority but an aid in strengthening the existing ESN, ”said WIC.

According to a WIC spokesman, Hon. Basil Onwukwe, the governors of the Southeast must work for the people and gain the trust of the citizens of Igboland and support the Eastern Security Network in providing everything needed to make it a strong security garment for Ndigbo.

“Our homeland leaders must not be seen as tools in the hands of Fulani who are trying to destroy Ndigbo and make Nigeria the territory conquered by Fulani.”

S’East government, Ohanaeze, PG compile the names of IPOB members, ESN operatives

In a statement by its media and publicity secretary Emma Powerful, IPOB claimed that its intelligence unit had uncovered a “secret file” containing a list of suspected members of ESN and IPOB.

The list according to the statement must be handed over to security agencies for torture and removal.

The IPOB, which said the idea was suggested by the federal government to Southeast leaders to weaken the ESN, lamented that the selfish political elite was sabotaging security equipment efforts to oust cattle ranchers from the zone.

He noted that since the establishment of ESN, efforts to remove the zone of bandits and shepherd killers have intensified, a development that has made the organizers uncomfortable.

The statement read in part: “The governors of the Southeast, in cooperation with traditional rulers in the zone and some PG communities, are compiling the names of suspected IPOB members in their communities to hand them over to Nigerian security agencies for possible execution.

“The arrangement has been perfected to help the Nigerian police and army quickly select anyone suspected of being a member of the IPOB and ESN operatives in the zone.

“Our intelligence service further revealed that they made the decision to launch this joint military operation in order to shut down and permanently silence what they called IPOB and ESN threat in the zone.”

“The IPOB intelligence unit gathered that these enemies, inside and out, had perfected the arrangements for the abduction of our people and their taking to the communiqués in security dungeons in unknown locations.

“It is unfortunate that our so-called leaders could not see or observe the Fulani terrorist cattlemen raping and killing our mothers, wives and sisters on farms across Biafra territory, but they see us as their problem.”

The IPOB has denied any connection to unknown gunmen suspected of being behind a wave of bloody attacks on security formations in the zone and wondered why its members would be marked for elimination.

“We have repeatedly explained that ESN has nothing to do with the unknown gunmen responsible for the attacks in the southeast. Unknown armed attackers are not ESN or IPOB. We wonder why the government will continue to link us to that group without investigation. ”

The IPOB claimed that the government treating the bandits and cattle killers in gloves could not claim to be unaware of the aforementioned unknown armed men.

The Pro-Biafra movement has warned Southeast leaders to take steps or prepare for the dire consequences of their actions.

“If the governors of the Southeast do not stop this plan against their people, IPOB will make their zone too hot.

“We expect that all traditional rulers and PGs in the southeastern communities will continue their steps before it is too late. The earth will also rise up against them if they allow this to happen! Every member of IPOB or ESN operative will take revenge! “

The statement also advises the federal government to drop any plans to persecute pro-Biafra groups because it would come at a certain price.

“We advise the Nigerian government and its partners in the crime in the zone to give up this evil agenda, because it will return. We are aware of their secret file, but we do not return until Biafra is finally reached. “”

Ohanaeze warns against military deployment in the southeast zone

Engr. The Ohanaeze Chidi Ibeh faction, which issued the warning in a statement, said the summit group’s suspicions were reinforced by evidence of serial attacks and violence committed by unknown gunmen in our zone and warned of an influx of northern bandits who caused violent attacks in the Southeast and South South for political reasons.

The group has instructed President Muhammad Buhari to resist the temptation of military deployment to the southeast zone as this could lead to guerrilla activity or another war against the Ndigba that can be avoided in the country.

Ohanaeze further stated that the conspiracy to deploy the army as an ‘occupation army’ is linked to the intention to deny the southeast the presidency in 2023.

“The army must focus on the insurgency in the north and refuse to fight on all fronts at the same time. Ndigbo are emergency experts and any infiltration in the process of Igbo’s defense mechanism could mean doom for Nigeria. Ndigbou does not need military deployment. There are high-level manipulations to destabilize and destroy our region for political purposes and deny the presidency of Ndigbo 2023. “

The Igbo group is concerned about the security situation in the southeast

The Pan Igbo Research Center, Nigeria’s Izu-Umunna Cultural Association, expressed concern over what it called the deteriorating security situation in southeastern Nigeria and condemned the recent chaos in the state of Imo.

The group called for restraint from those prone to dragging the region into the theater of war and called for thorough investigations to be carried out to uncover the perpetrators of the chaos.

The group said in a statement issued in Jos, signed by President Ugo Ihekwuna and Secretary Tony Egwuonwu, that any resort to sentimental sentiment in the pursuit of some names without due concern would be reduced to reducing the tragedy to a comical setting.

The duo said their group is linked to Ohanaeze Ndigbo and founder of the Igbo Delegates Assembly, an umbrella body of Igbos living in 19 northern states and Abuja.

They said: “With bated breath we have watched the recent security challenges in Nigeria, especially those affecting Ala-Igbo. We are as upset as other Nigerians about the deteriorating security situation in southeastern Nigeria.

“We therefore strongly condemn those who recently wreaked havoc in Owerri, destroying police facilities, bombing the Nigeria Penitentiary and subsequently releasing prisoners there. We demand restraint from those responsible for the safety of our people on their rather hasty conclusion about the identity of those who visited Owerri with such destruction. “

Growing insecurity in the southeast is troubling Anglican bishops

Meanwhile, two Anglican bishops, Rt. Rev. Owen Nwokolo of the Diocese of Niger and his colleague of the Diocese of Ideato, Rt. Reverend Henry Okeke expressed deep concern over the alleged deterioration, expansion and looming insecurity in Nigeria, especially in the southeast.

The two bishops, who spoke in separate interviews for Vanguard, called on the federal and state governments to take real steps to stem the tide of insecurity in the country and especially in the Southeast.

Bishop Nwokolo expressed concern that insecurity in the country is taking on a new dimension, with politicians seemingly targeting their opponents for elimination, especially in the southeast, adding that such a situation would mean doom for the country if not checked.

However, his Ideato colleague Rt. Reverend Okeke said that the escalation of insecurity in Nigeria and the decline of security in the southeast will not stop until Nigerian leaders show sincerity in the fight against insecurity.

Bishop Nwololo spoke at St. Monica Woliwo Church, Onitsha, shortly after the establishment and reception of Rev. Canon Chinedu Nnatuanya and the Revelations of the Book – The Gospel of Christ: Then and Now – Mission and Inculturation, as Case Studies, written by Canon Nnatuanya

He said: “We have talked extensively and will continue to say that insecurity in the southeast and Nigeria is spiraling out of control. We are witnessing another kind of insecurity in which opposition politicians seem to be aiming for elimination. It’s something that’s not part of our culture, so it’s part of the insecurity we’ve been seeing lately. Lawlessness is growing. We charge security agencies; federal and state governments to protect people’s lives and property. “

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