The title of Jon Stewart ‘s new TV show for autumn 2021 has been revealed and announced

Apple TV + reveals the title of Jon Stewart’s upcoming project as part of a multi-year partnership with Stewart’s Busboy Productions.

Jon Stewart is finally back on television in his debut series on Apple TV +. Stewart is an American comedian and political commentator. It is known for limited hosting Daily Show and Comedy Central. During Stewart’s run Daily Show, the series has won over 20 Emmy Awards – including an award for outstanding series on diverse conversations. When Stewart left the show in 2015, he was succeeded by Trevor Noah, who is still the current host Daily Show.

Stewart is also the founder of Busboy Productions, which was created in the mid-1990s when Stewart hosted A play by Jon Stewart on MTV. In 2005, Busboy reached the first agreement with Comedy Central that allowed Stewart and his production house to purchase projects on various networks if Comedy Central gave them up. Busboy Productions achieved its first television success in 2007 Colbert’s report on Comedy Central, plays the late-night host of the show, Stephen Colbert. When Colbert left the show in 2014, Busboy then produced his successor show, Night show with Larry Wilmore, which was broadcast immediately after Daily Show.

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In the fall of 2021, Stewart will make his long-awaited return to the small screen Problem with Jon Stewart, streaming exclusively on Apple TV +. Apple confirmed in an April press release:

Problem with Jon Stewart is a multi-season, one-hour, one-episode series that will explore topics that are currently part of the national conversation and its advocacy work. Each season of the series will be further explored in an accompanying podcast to continue the discussion.

This project will be the first in Stewart’s partnership with Apple TV +, whose contractual commitment lasted for several years. In addition, Apple TV + and Stewart’s Busboy Productions have achieved a first look at the development of projects to be produced for the streaming service. Problem with Jon Stewart executive production will be done by Stewart himself, Brinda Adhikari, James Dixon and Richard Plepler, a former HBO CEO who recently signed a five-year contract with Apple TV + through his own production house EDEN Productions.

Although Stewart’s partnership is one of many deals that Apple TV + has concluded at first glance, his project will be one of the first to cover an important programming sector that Apple TV + lacks – news. Problem with Jon Stewart will bring Stewart’s political satire to the forefront of television and keep viewers engaged with current world events. By focusing on one issue per episode, Stewart will dive deeper into topics that often touch on online news. This show will also cause nostalgia among older viewers who may not have subscribed to Apple TV + yet, but miss watching Daily show with Jon Stewart.

The subscription base of Apple TV + is not even close to the size of other streaming services “; Disney +, which launched the same month as Apple TV +, boasts over 100 million subscribers, while Apple TV + barely reached 40 million after its first year. However, what Apple TV + lacks, subscribers make up for by recognizing the name. Apple TV + has signed contracts with big Hollywood names like Martin Scorsese, Idris Elba and Oprah Winfrey, and Jon Stewart is no different. Stewart’s worldwide recognition as a political satirist and news commentator can secure Apple TV + a new demographic category of subscribers. Especially in light of the results of the 2020 presidential election, viewers are likely to expect Stewart’s response to current events. Problem with Jon Stewart will present itself as the first collaboration between Busboy and Productions and Apple TV +.

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