The Superman family dog ​​is the most loyal ally

As ridiculous as it sounds, the Krypto Superdog is Superman’s most loyal ally, and that extends to his evil alternate universe, Superboy-Prime.

Warning: contains spoilers for Dark Nights: Death Metal Secret origin

Superpowered pets were one of the strangest trends of the golden age. Batman worked side by side with Ace Bathound, and Supergirl walked with her horse, Comet, but the most famous of all was Superman’s pet, Crypto. Krypto is an interesting character in the history of DC because he floated and walked away from continuity with every reinvention of the Man of Steel. Throughout all of his appearances, Krypto’s characteristic was his fierce loyalty not only to Clark Kent, and that loyalty even extends to one of Superman’s worst selves. In Dark Nights: Death Metal Secret origin The crypto stands side by side with Superboy-Prime.

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Comics by writers Scott Snyder and Geoff Johns focus on the story of its origin An endless crisis villain, Superboy-Prime. Far from the main Superman DC Universe, this Clark Kent grew up in a world similar to ours, where superheroes are just comic book characters. As he discovers that he still has real superpowers, his world is destroyed. The desolation because of this had so utterly destroyed him that he became obsessed with rebuilding his home. The character had ups and downs, but recently returned to the DC Universe when Batman, who was laughing, summoned an army of evil Supermen to carry out his order. Despite her history of crime, Wonder Woman believes in Superboy-Prime. Although Superman and his family are justifiably uncomfortable with him, Krypto is not wasting time rushing to his side.

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Conner Kent quickly tells the former villain to get away from his dog, only to have Superboy-Prime object that the idea of ​​a superpower dog is ridiculous. Before the two Kryptonians can exchange blows, an army of evil Supermen arrives in battle with their nobler counterparts. While alternate universes stream through the sky, Superboy-Prime tries to fly away from the fight, but is forced to act when attacked. After attacking the smaller Superman, one of the universes catches the eye. It is a universe in which he is a hero. The batman who laughs offers him that universe if he will fight on the side of evil. Superboy-Prime considers this, but is stopped by Krypt’s arrival. Despite everything, Krypto believes in this Clark Kent. With one blow, Prime manages to weaken Batman, who laughs, but at a price. Krypto howls into the sky as Superboy-Prime takes his last breaths.

Prominent Superboy Prime and Krypto

Although Superboy-Prime was originally conceived as sending Golden Age stories about Superboy, the character never had his own crypto. The more shocking the moment, the more Superboy-Prime and Krypto were actually already fighting, as the star of DC’s Titans, Krypto, tried in vain to protect Conner from Prime during their fight in An endless crisis. Despite all of this, Krypto still recognizes the good in Super-Boy Prime and ultimately helps him make a decision that could save the universe.

Superboy-Prime might scoff at the idea of ​​a superpower dog with a cape, but here Krypto shows exactly why the character endured in DC comics. Crypto’s loyalty and faith in the innate goodness of the people put the dog of steel above most of DC’s greatest heroes.

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