The Steam Game Festival has been renamed the Steam Next Fest

Steam has announced that its Steam Game Festival will now be known as Steam Next Fest going forward.

“We renamed it Steam Games Festival for more direct communication of its focus: Announcement Steam Next Fest, a multi-day celebration of the upcoming games, ”Steam said on its website.

Steam’s post went on to say that Steam Next Fest will feature “hundreds of game demonstrations,” live streams for developers, and an opportunity to talk to developers about games currently in production.

The Steam’s Next Fest website also includes the dates of this year’s virtual event. The next festival is scheduled to take place over seven days, June 16-22. The first two days of the virtual event will also coincide with E3 2021, which should run from June 15-17.

The last Steam Game Festival was held in February and offered over 500 demo demonstrations of indie titles.

E3’s live exhibition for 2021 was canceled late last month in favor of a digital showcase due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It is suggested that the digital event in June will have “more two-hour introductory sessions” by major developers and publishers, along with smaller flows of influencers, media partners and more.

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced earlier this week that it is redesigning its Xbox Live service for the first time in 19 years. The free network service will now be known as the Xbox Network. A Microsoft spokesman explained that the rebranding was intended to “differentiate the basic service from membership in Xbox Live Gold”.

Xbox Network is Microsoft’s free online service for Xbox consoles that gives players access to free games, apps, movies and TV shows, live events, music, and more.