The spot of the falcon and the winter soldier is teased by the villains Turn John Walker

The latest TV spot of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier teases John Walker’s impending villainous reversal as he holds the bloodied shield of Captain America.

New Falcon and winter soldier the spot hints at an evil reversal of John Walker. The current Captain of America at MCU may have the support of the government and the general public in the franchise, but like Sam and Bucky, viewers are not on board until he owns the iconic shield. Although he didn’t do anything directly negative in the show, it looks like that will change in the next episode.

Unlike WandaVision which had nine episodes, Falcon and winter soldier there are only six – but with longer excursions. With three episodes released, the show is slowly approaching the end of the season, and more information about its narrative is revealed every week. Episode 3 titled “Power Broker” may have separated Walker and Sam and Bucky after their last intense encounter, but it’s only a matter of time before their paths cross again as they both try to track down Karla Morgenthau and her terrorist organization known as Flag Breakers .

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In front Falcon and winter soldier premiere of episode 4, Marvel Entertainment has released a new video titled “Better” to spark people’s interest in the episode. The footage is a combination of old and new footage, but probably the most interesting footage of the announcement is Walker kneeling holding a bloodied Captain America shield. Watch the video below:

Walker has been a decent character so far Falcon and winter soldierin fact the show even tried to humanize him by emphasizing his origins. But there is always something strangely wrong in that he is Illuminated by the Stars. Other than not being Steve’s successor, Walker doesn’t understand what it means to be Captain America. In episode 3, he was very frustrated because he didn’t deserve the respect he thinks he deserves just because he protected. Maybe it’s just because of the immense pressure to perform well, but it could also be an indication that he’s willing to do nastier things to achieve what he wants. That could explain the blood on Captain America’s shield, which is not seen.

In addition to this bloodied shield of Captain America, the video also hints that the show will return to its basic narrative. With so many moving parts, further complicated by the participation of Zem and Wakandan, a lot is happening Falcon and winter soldier. But his main narrative will always deal with the legacy of Captain America’s cloak, as it has to do with Sam who is Steve Rogers ’successor. At this point in the story, Sam still seems hesitant to take his well-deserved place as MCU’s new Illuminated Illuminated Star, but perhaps Walker’s evil turn could push him in the right direction. Seeing how the government made the wrong choice and seeing how dirty Steve’s legacy could give Sam the courage to finally embrace his new superhero personality.

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