The Roborock S6, which is also being deleted, has more than $ 200

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Ah, the classic $ 180 coupon.

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Save 180 USD: The Roborock S6 vacuum cleaner and wiper has a $ 180 coupon with a $ 50 discount on Amazon from March 25th.

The Roborock family welcomed the new member. The brand, known for robotic vacuum-mop hybrids with a suction rival to that of Roombas, announced the S7 in early March. Two words: Sonic. Erasing.

The S7 is set to go live on Amazon and Walmart on March 24th. Entries technically currently exist in both locations, but are overloaded with “out of stock” and “currently unavailable” (no stock renewal (or add to cart))) warnings in sight.

So, the S6, one of our currently absolutely favorite robot vacuum cleaners, has already returned to the spotlight – and is rocking a $ 180 coupon on Amazon, dropping the beast to $ 419.99. This is in addition to the $ 50 discount that has already been applied, although the S6 has not been listed higher than $ 599.99 since last summer.

Anyway, it’s a mammoth discount on a well-inspected robotic mop just before the start of the season of dirty shoes and muddy paws.

While the vibratory scrubbing and lifting ability of the S7 to wipe when crossing the carpet is impressive, it doesn’t negate S6’s stellar wiping abilities. Unlike several competing robotic wipers, the S6 doesn’t just push water. He cleans the drawings in clean lines (clearly when you see how brown the fabric is) and probably has time for 180 minutes of battery life to make a second pass over the place he needs. It doesn’t automatically avoid carpets like the S7, but restricted areas can be set up around carpets and rugs. The discharge of the water tank can be adjusted to ensure that small spaces such as half-baths are not flooded.

But dry suction on the S6 is easily his killer move. The suction power of 2000 Pa throws the Roombas from the 600 series and the 900 series from the water. That’s enough to pluck pet hair off the carpet (especially in Boost mode), and the average pile of crumbs or dirt is definitely toast. James Brains of Business Insider said that of the 20 vacuum cleaners he tested, the S6 has the best vacuum cleaner he has ever seen.

Buy the offer on the link below.

This stellar hybrid robot for vacuuming and cleaning mopons has a coupon for (wait) $ 180

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