The robbers are ready for negotiations and inclusion in society – Gumi – Television

An Islamic priest, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi says The Fulani shepherds who are engaged in robbery are ready to negotiate and be included in society.

Sheikh Gumi said on Wednesday, “They are ready to negotiate, to tell us their complaints and they are ready to be included in a larger society.”.

The Islamic cleric revealed this during a virtual meeting organized by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies.

Defending his position on the sensitive issue, Gumi said: “No one can justify crime, what we are saying is that we have seen an ethnic war going on in the forest between people in the forest and neighboring villages and hamlets.

When the herdsman felt that he had complaints and that no one was listening to him, he took up arms.

“So, when we went there and saw the ear listening, they were ready to negotiate, tell us their complaints and ready to get involved in society.

“So in that case, I see no reason why we shouldn’t have a dialogue with them.”

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Sheikh Ahmad Gumi appeared on Politics TV Channels today, February 22, 2021.

He added that “If you don’t show them that they are safe in the wider society, there is no chance that they will leave their weapons. And that’s why we asked for an amnesty for them, just like we had in the Niger Delta.

“I do not justify their abduction, what they are doing is a crime. But their kidnapping is to get more money to buy more weapons so they can protect themselves. “

The sheikh further stated that the nation must start thinking about educating nomads.

Gumi said he saw no reason why a nation serious about security would leave part of such an uneducated society. He claimed the country had left people to arms and drugs.

He reiterated that the Fulani herdsmen involved in the robbery were victims of the circumstances, adding that the bandits should receive an amnesty.