The Reloaded portal adds a portal for time travel and new puzzles

Portal 2 is just ten years old, and what better way to celebrate than by adding extra head scratches to Valve’s ticklish puzzle box? Portal Reloaded is a Portal 2 mode that adds 25 new puzzles and a whole new type of portal. This new, green portal allows professional portal users to travel 20 years into the future and tackle the premises of Aperture Science through space and time.

“Awakened from the stasis of automated artificial intelligence, you are expected to complete a very special testing course. In the depths of Aperture Science, isolated from the rest of the facility, lies a previously unknown and long-forgotten testing path,” says Portal Reloaded creator. “This mode is aimed at veterans of the portal, who are familiar with playing the main series and want to expand their horizons.”

After reviewing the Portal Reloaded trailer, I definitely believe it is for professionals.

If you need a little guide on how time-traveling objects work, the creator of Portal Reloaded has put up a few other videos to visually present the concepts. For example, a cube in a future time sequence may move without affecting its past, but a cube shifted in the present will affect the future. Therefore, you cannot bring the cube into the present through the portal into the future but you I can bring the cube from the future through the portal to the past.

I hope all this makes sense to you. I think it makes sense to me, but I know I’ll just curl up and stare at my screen when I try to put it into practice. I’m always in favor of a good puzzle game, but I admit that Portal has always teased me quite a bit. Spatial reasoning is not one of my strengths. The Reloaded portal looks like one of those neat creations I’ll choose to experience by watching people smarter than me play it.

If you’re a veteran of Aperture Scientist, you can find Portal Reloaded on Steam to see if you can escape the lab again.