The RDR2 video shows horses that can be just as deadly as gunsmiths

A brand new Red Dead Redemption 2 player has discovered how evil and deadly horses can be if you kill their beloved owner in a shooting.

A spacious, dynamic open world Red Dead Redemption 2 it is full of life, and with life comes death. One player found it harder when a horse came in Red Dead Redemption 2 they made them realize that mostly everything was a threat in the Wild West, even the most unsuspecting creatures.

RDR2 it contains incredibly detailed animals, from their anatomy to moving around the world. One player recently discovered that there is a waterfall where a bunch of fish will fall off and die while using it for travel, but not all are able to successfully survive the fall. The animals are certainly independent and reactive to Rockstar’s open world, and the player has discovered this the hard way.

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Just bought by Reddit user jfrawley28 Red Dead Redemption 2 and had an unfortunate collision with another gunman. After killing the enemy, the dead man’s horse attacked the player with a quick blow to the brain. This follows the encounter of another player with a moose who died of exhaustion RDR2, showing an incredible level of detail and realism that is provided throughout life in the game world. It is clear that there is more autonomy in virtual life in the favorite Rockstar than many thought.

Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 they proved to be more than mere vehicles for transporting people around. If a player tries to rob bisages on a horse that is not theirs, they will attack him. If there is no good connection with the player’s own horse and if he accidentally hits his horse, he will attack them as well. Clearly, horses are just as dangerous as any other character and weapon Red Dead Redemption 2, keeping players always on their feet.

Given the huge amount of horses in RDR2, it is certainly just another thing that players will have to keep their eyes open for. Swamps are plagued by crocodiles and other creatures, mountains have bears and mountain lions, and there is no shortage of people trying to kill players. It is safe to say that Rockstar has created one of the deadliest open worlds in gaming. That’s just another way Red Dead Redemption 2 it helps create an extreme level of immersion that establishes the player in his world and helps sell the illusion of how deadly the Wild West actually is. Whether it’s actually fun for some people is debated, but it provides a fun challenge and allows for an in-depth hunting experience.

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Source: jfrawley28 / Reddit

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