The Queen will live permanently at Windsor Castle and is unlikely to stay another night at Buckingham Palace – Royal Central

The Queen will from now on live permanently at Windsor Castle, and is unlikely to spend another night at Buckingham Palace.

According to Daily Mail, the monarch, who turns 95 next week, is now housed in Windsor Castle and is unlikely to ever ‘stay another night’ at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen will still return to her residence in central London for work and audience, but will probably not stay there overnight.

It is possible that more audiences will be held in Windsor in the future, with the Prime Minister’s Sunday meetings being moved after personal conversations are repeated.

It is also suggested that the Prince of Wales may take over some of his mother’s duties, including meeting ambassadors and high commissioners at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen will spend the summer still at Balmoral Castle, and Christmas at Sandringham.

Before 2020 and global health threats, the Queen stayed at Windsor Castle over the weekend, leaving Buckingham Palace on Thursday afternoon and returning on Monday.

Although a recognized symbol of the royal family, Buckingham Palace is not a host and is more like an office for the Queen.

She is comfortable in Windsor Castle and is undoubtedly where she wants to spend the rest of her reign.

The Queen has spent most of the past twelve months at Windsor Castle, along with Prince Philip.

The monarch and her husband spent the first lock together in Windsor before traveling to Balmoral for their traditional summer break. They then spent some time in Sandringham before the Queen resettled her residence in Windsor.