The Queen is opening the gardens of Buckingham Palace to tourists for the first time this summer

Trust Royal Collection / John Campbell

While daffodils and cherry blossoms mark the beginning of spring on London lawns, one famous residence in the English capital is ready to welcome tourists for the first time – with the gardens of Buckingham Palace open to the paying public.

Trust The Royal Collection Trust has announced that a guided route through the gardens and around its large 3.5-acre lake this summer will be open to those looking to explore.

The trust reads: “You will be free to roam the winding paths of the garden at your own pace and experience the beauty and serenity of this bustling oasis in central London. Among the many features to be discovered are the 156-foot herbaceous border, Horse Chestnut Avenue, the plane trees planted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and the famous lake with its island which is home to bees from Buckingham Palace. “

Trust Royal Collection / John Campbell

Maybe even more important? Excursions in the grass can be experienced as part of the visit.

Of course, enjoying the rolls and coagulated cream on the sweeping royal lawn could be a tough question when there’s so much more to see and explore.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, the garden is a rich biodiversity habitat, with more than a thousand trees, a National Mulberry Collection and 320 species of wildflowers and grasses.

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Among its 29 hectares is the Rose Garden, a summer house, a meadow with wild flowers – and you can visit all this in daily guided tours during the summer from July 9 to September 18.

Trust Royal Collection / John Campbell

If you want to sign up for a royal visit? Just head over here.

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