The Premier League has rejected UEFA’s proposals for the Champions League in a sign of a blow to Liverpool

Premier League clubs have rejected UEFA’s plans to award Champions League seats based on historical results.

In a video call, all 20 clubs discussed the so-called “Swiss model” that UEFA proposed to introduce after 2024, and a series of proposals that came along with the idea.

The Telegraph reports that the clubs have rejected many proposals put forward by UEFA, with fears that an enlarged Champions League dominated by elite European clubs could deprive English football of its value.

With 36 teams competing in the league phase before the knockout phase, UEFA has suggested that matches be played all season each month, but the Premier League has refused to do so for fear that the Champions League will become a direct competitor.

Instead, the Premier League will request that any extended group stage of the competition continue to be completed by Christmas.

Other proposed plans included the idea of ​​four clubs qualifying for the tournament based on the UEFA coefficient.

Of these four, one would probably be awarded to the Dutch Eredivisie and the other reserved for the French Ligue 1.

Still, the remaining two would benefit clubs that have qualified for either the Europa League or the recently introduced European Conference League, with the two clubs with the best odds being upgraded to the Champions League.

That would mean that clubs like Liverpool could qualify for the competition if they finished in the top seven thanks to their performance in Europe in the last five years.

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The Premier League rejected this, but UEFA asked to offer better alternatives.

Clubs have also been set up to talk to the EFL about the future of the EFL Cup, with the UEFA calendar leaving no room for 61-year competition.

No decision has been made on the future of the competition, with the EFL likely to have to make up for the damage in the event of some major changes in the tournament structure.