The pre-season prank shows that the standards slipped after Ferguson left

Standards seem to have started to slip almost immediately after Ferguson’s release.

When Alex Ferguson retired as Manchester United manager in May 2013, he told Old Trafford audiences that their job was to “support your new manager”. David Moyes, his successor, however, did not even spend the entire season as head of the Red Devils.

Moyes was sacked after Man United failed to qualify for the Champions League, nine months into a six-year deal. The Scot was a solid Premier League manager. He did an impressive job as an Everton coach for more than ten years.

Yet, from the outset, it was obvious that Moyes was faced with the impossible task of continuing Ferguson’s legacy.

Man United under the leadership of David Moyes.

Man United lost to Liverpool and Manchester City in the first month of the 2013/14 season. Worse for Moyes, he said Man United players must strive to be at the level of Man City – a team that finished 11 points behind them last season.

It also seemed to be embarrassing behind the scenes. According to The Athletic, one or two Man United players have started to break free and do things they would never dare under Ferguson.

On Man United’s preseason tour in 2013, someone cheated by changing the lineup schedule for the day, confusing staff and players. Needless to say, such a hoax would not have been played while Ferguson was the team manager.

The small incident undoubtedly shows how Man United standards began to slip as soon as the Scot came out of the Old Trafford dugout.

A hoax showing how Man United’s standards have slipped.

“As Manchester United players went down for breakfast to their five-star hotel, there was a board showing a black felt-tip pen showing their schedule for the day,” writes The Athletic.

“They were in Hong Kong, preparing for their first season after Sir Alex Ferguson retired, and every morning a staff member would update this board with training time and all the other details about when they ate, arrangements for joint events and everything else. which embarked on a pre-season tour.

“However, on that particular day, someone rubbed the correct arrangements and inserted a fictitious false time. Appointments were missed. People are gone. All the meticulous organization that planned the day was threatened by a practical joke. “

Moyes, Januzaj, Buttner and Skating Standards.

The report states that it was suspected that the prankster was Alexander Buttner, the reserve left back of Man United. Buttner reportedly “had his side that some staff members didn’t like.”

It is also said that “Adnan Januzaj” helped and supported him because of this special hoax.

Januzaj, who was only 18 at the time, was certainly the only bright spot in David Moyes ’tenure as Man United manager and received recognition for his performances in his debut campaign.

However, the incident did not go well with Man United staff.

“It was a period of meeting David Moyes and his staff doubted the way Januzaj, then 18, teamed up with a six-year-old player who was not always perceived as a positive influence.

“Okay, it was just a practical joke, but it wasn’t the kind of hoax that would have happened if Ferguson had been in charge. And it was decided that someone should talk quietly with Januzaj to advise him to think carefully about what is expected of a United player.

“Has the message passed?” According to some people who were involved at the time, it doesn’t seem that way. Januzaj, says one, thought he knew better. “

Januzaj had a great debut season, but failed to upgrade his promise after Moyes left. Louis van Gaal allowed him to join Borussia Dortmund on loan in the 2015/16 season.

The Belgian winger then spent the season on loan at Moyes in Sunderland before joining Real Sociedad indefinitely in 2017.

Buttner, meanwhile, joined Dinamo Moscow in 2014, and was last seen playing for the New England Revolution in MLS.

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