The photo of the penguin cuddling won a prestigious award

The photo of the penguin cuddling won a prestigious award
Photo of a penguin petting won the prestigious Image Credit award: Twitter @SeanWataMelooon

PHOTO petting the ‘limbs’ of penguins won a prestigious award

We’ve all been wishing for a bit of physical interaction this year, so it may come as no surprise that this heartfelt photo of two penguins without a partner seemingly consoling themselves is catapulted into the world’s spotlights. An extraordinary moment was captured by Tobias Baumgaertner in Melbourne and presented with the much-coveted first prize at the Ocean Photograph Awards magazine’s oceanographic awards, as well as the Community Choice Award.

Baumgaertner wrote about the picture on Instagram:

“In times like these, the real lucky ones are those who can be with the person / people they love the most. I captured this moment about a year ago. ”

“These two fairy penguins perched on a rock overlooking the Melbourne skyline stood for hours, fins in fins, watching the bright lights of the sky and ocean.”

“A volunteer approached me and told me it was a white elderly lady who had lost a partner, and apparently a younger man on the left had done the same.

“Since then, they have been meeting regularly, comforting each other and standing for hours watching the dancing lights of a nearby town.


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