The PDP warns representatives about alleged ‘threats’ to the member

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) warned the leadership of the House of Representatives because it allegedly threatened the leader of the PDP parliamentary club, Hon. Kingsley Chinda, for “a legitimate, valid and patriotic call” to recall President Muhammad Buhari for the president’s failure to secure the nation.

Chinda has repeatedly called for Bukhari’s impeachment, a call that the PDP said was constitutional.

In a statement by PDP spokesman Kole Ologbondiyan on Monday, the aforementioned call for the president’s impeachment represents the views of her parliamentary club, the party, and the generality of Nigerians, including those who have “fallen victim to President Bukhari’s inability to secure our nation.”

The opposition party argued that the alleged threat to Rep Chindi was a direct signal that the current leadership of the House of Representatives was not on the side of the people, but had to relinquish its legal powers for selfish reasons.

The PDP said: “It is really a shame that the leadership of the House of Representatives has been reduced to the messenger of the presidency of Bukhari, whose duty is to make the desired accusations against Hon. Chinda.

“It is a shame that the House of Representatives blames its own members for openly refusing Mr. President to respect the legal call of Nigerians through his elected representatives to address them due to the increased insecurity in our nation under his supervision.

“If the claims of the leadership of the House that President Bukhari did not fulfill the invitation because he is Hon. Chinda called for his recall is indeed the case, then the nation really lacks a leader worthy of his charge.

“This is because Chinda, instead of stopping President Bukhari, should have encouraged him to appear before the House and explain to Nigerians why the killings, kidnappings and other terrorist and bandit acts escalated under his control.

“If indeed, Mr. President could be scared of the National Assembly just because he is Hon. Chinda called for his impeachment, how he would then gather the courage to fight terrorists, bandits and kidnappers.

“Our party maintains that the claim of the leadership of the House is confirmed by Hon in that way. Chinda and confirms the call for the recall of Mr. President. “

The party instructed the leadership of the House to withdraw its steps and redeem its image by reprogramming Mr. President to appear before him, instead of giving light excuses.