The Oculus Quest app lab reaches 100 apps in less than two months

Last month, Oculus launched the App Lab for Quest which allows developers to distribute their games on headphones without going through the Oculus curating process. More than 100 games and applications are now available in the App Lab.

There are now 103 applications available for Quest via the App Lab, according to applications followed by the App Lab DB. The apps are functionally ‘unlisted’ (not searchable) in the main Quest store, but get a normal store page that can be accessed directly via a URL and installed with a single click after logging in, just like any Quest app in the main store . The difference is that Oculus chooses and chooses which apps to include in the main Quest store based on some qualitative criteria, while App Lab apps don’t have to meet any particular bar other than being technically correct.

Quest App Lab games tracked on App Lab DB

Launching the App Lab on Feb. 3 and reaching 103 apps as of today, Oculus has approved an average of two apps a day for the App Lab, though we suspect many more are waiting for approval in line. The company said in recent weeks that it had only a few people sorting out applications in the App Lab, but that it had jumped to speed up approvals in the near future. Many of the apps that have appeared in the App Lab so far have already been available through SideQuest, the unofficial Quest distribution platform.

The main Quest store contains about 260 applications. Given the time since the launch of the main Quest store, that’s an average of 0.38 apps added to the store per day.

For additional context, the number of Oculus PC applications is around 1,800, the Go application is also 1,800, and the SteamVR application is around 4,900. Although all of these platforms have been around for years, none of them have undergone the kind of preparation that Oculus has imposed on Quest apps in the main headphone store.

Below is the distribution of the top 20 App Lab apps by rating and popularity.

Top rated Quest games in App Lab

The rating of each application is a collection of user reviews and a useful way to understand the general user acceptance of each title.

The most popular search games in the application lab

The number of ratings gives a basic idea of ​​the relative popularity of each title; a title with more ratings is probably taken over than a title with less, although there is certainly an unknown margin of error.

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