The NSCDC deploys 2,050 staff for Yuletide in Oyo

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Commander-in-Chief Oyo of Nigeria, Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), has deployed 2,050 personnel to oversee and ensure Christmas and New Year celebrations across the state.

He emphasized that the purpose is to ensure peace, maintain order and peace during and after the celebration.

NSCDC State Commander Isikil Akinsanya congratulates all Christians across the country on celebrating this Christmas and New Year

Addressing the officers about the way of working during Juletida and what was expected of them as patriotic staff, he called on all Christians to pray for the survival of the country and embrace the love that was most important for the development of the nation.


He begged all religious leaders and well-meaning Nigerians to use the Christmas holidays to warn their congregation, children and protégés to refrain from any act that could endanger the peace of the state, as the Corp would not hesitate to arrest and prosecute anyone who engages in violence.

He further stressed the security awareness of the people in the state to report any criminal acts, suspicious objects and persons by calling the emergency command number.

The Commander-in-Chief wished all Nigerians a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.