The Nigerian political system does not allow transparent elections – the chairman of the CAN

Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Head of State of Kaduna, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, lamented that the Nigerian political system has been distorted for reasons unknown to Nigerians, making it impossible for the country to hold transparent general elections.

He noticed that some people deliberately changed briefly, giving them the privilege to use their franchise and choose leaders of their choice.

Speaking when the Acting Permanent Election Officer of INEC in the state of Kaduna, Alhaji Mohammed Awwal Mashi, visited him in the office in Kaduna, Rev. Hayab, noted that some Nigerians have been denied the right to vote for candidates of their choice due to a lack of ballots.

He added that some who have ballot papers have also been denied the right to vote due to a lack of constituencies in different parts of the country.

He assured, “We are ready to work with INEC to ensure that Nigerians have the necessary materials and equal constituencies to be able to exercise their civic responsibilities in electing the leader of their choice.”

The chairman of the state expressed hope that INEC will establish a new way of working in the country, so that justice will be the motto, and in the end, the people’s candidates will appear at different levels of government.

He noted that what the country lacks is consistency and sincerity for the progress and development of the Nigerian project.

Earlier, the acting permanent election official in the state said he was in the CAN office to ask for the support and full participation of stakeholders in ensuring that Nigerians continue in his activities before the 2023 general elections.

He assured that the voter registration process would soon begin across the country, seeking the help of CAN and other stakeholders to be fully involved in sensitizing Nigerians.

The acting resident voter officer also explained that the commission was taking steps to increase 119,973 polling stations across the country given the increase in registered voters in the country.