The next Hidea game that could be released for the Xbox

Hideo Kojima is reportedly in talks with Microsoft to release its next game on the Xbox, but it is not known if the deal has been officially concluded.

Gaming div Hideo Kojima is reportedly in talks with Xbox announce your next game. Kojima, known for his work on games like Metal gear solid and canceled Silent Hills, teamed up with PlayStation shortly after leaving his longtime home in Konami. The two teamed up Death stranded, but Kojima remained independent and even had to release the game on PC after about 9 months of PS4 exclusivity. Kojima doesn’t seem to be in favor of Sony, if reliable sources are to be believed.

The fraud surrounding the Hideo Kojima and Xbox partnership began earlier this year after Xbox boss Phil Spencer appeared on the show. The CEO is known for hiding teasing in the back of his office, and fans wanted to notice a rather valuable addition. On Phil Spencer’s shelf sat a statue of Ludens, the mascot of Kojima Productions. Sure, he could only be a fan, but it was so prominent that many fans began to speculate. It seems that the teasing could indeed have been intentional.

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Distinguished journalist Jeff Grub from Venture Beat reported that Hideo Kojima is talking to Microsoft about the release of his next game. Grubb also confirmed that Kojima is also not behind the upcoming PS5 survival horror game, Abandoned, which many fans believed was another PT-like marketing campaign for his next game. It is unclear whether the two sides have yet agreed or talks are underway, but the statue of Phil Spencer apparently deliberately teased what follows.

Hideo Kojima Norman Reedus

If Microsoft has signed a deal with Hide Kojima, it looks like it will want to release it sooner rather than later, risking leaking more details. Hideo Kojima is expected to announce his next game soon, claim those working with him, so it’s only a matter of time before these rumors are confirmed or unveiled. Microsoft is expected to have a gaming event in the next few weeks, and there is also another one scheduled for the summer, although it is not clear whether this is related to their confirmed E3 look.

Microsoft’s download of Hideo Kojima games would be massive. Not only would this help the Xbox strengthen its efforts with Japanese titles, but it could provide players with something really fresh and exciting. Kojima allegedly worked on an exclusive Google Stadium game before Google gave up on the project, which seems to have disappointed the legendary developer given his ambitions. Whether or not Hideo Kojima revives that project or makes something completely new with it Xbox remains to be seen.

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Source: Venture Beat

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