The new Surface Duo ad shows that the phone is not only for business, but also for consumers »

The Surface Duo is not your usual phone and so far Microsoft has spent a lot of time showing off its productivity cases and how a dual-screen phone can be useful for business. But as the Surface Duo soon returns to more markets, Microsoft is opening up a little more interest in the phone with a new ad showing how the Duo can also be used for pleasure (via WinBuzzer).

Launched by gymnast Katelyn Ohashi, this ad is different from any other that Microsoft has done in the past. You don’t see the Duo’s prominent features like dragging apps between screens (or flipping into the air, as the last commercial did), but some things most everyday consumers can do with the device.

In the long 30-second video, we can see Ohashi watching two separate videos about cats (on each of the two screens) on the Surface Duo as he dances. She also practices signing her name, after drawing it on OneNote using the Surface Slim Pen, and covering both screens of the phone. At the end of the commercial we even see a figure in a green suit take the phone and move it to different positions.

This ad is pretty interesting to say the least, and as the holidays and New Years come, it could be a last-minute move to increase interest in the phone. Not to mention that there was no interest in that already, because the Duo was stuck on the list of the best inventions in 2020 by Time magazine. It is rumored that another completely black variant of the phone could come soon.

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