The new advice says that pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series could be “shorter” than before

If there’s one device from 2021 that leaked long before launch, it’s definitely the Samsung Galaxy S21. In fact, almost all information about the entire series of 3 devices is in the open. Now, a new report says Samsung will hold little by little time to order devices in its country.

Galaxy S21 01 series renders

The Galaxy S21 series consisting of Galaxy S21, S21 +, S21 Ultra 5G devices will be open for pre-order from January 15 according to new information. If what kind of Twitter user(via Sammobile) says that it is true, that will be the situation in Korea.

He also says that pre-orders will last until January 21, which is only about 6 days. In the past, Samsung had at least a two-week period for its predecessors (Galaxy S20 series). However, the disparity between the regions this time is confusing as the devices are already ready for blind orders in India.

Of course, there is also the possibility that Samsung is testing the waters to get the pulse of the audience in larger countries like India and China. The year 2020 was a bit of a rollercoaster for the world and not everyone would be willing to spend such premium prices (leaks) on a smartphone. Another reason could be enough inventory that the company has planned in advance, so a week seems to be enough for pre-orders.

In any case, the date of exit from Korea (January 29), as mentioned by the user, coincides with the early report. Samsung has generally maintained at least a unanimous launch date for the device across the region. And we can expect the same thing to happen again this time.

However, the announcement (January 14) is reportedly only a few weeks away after Samsung does not shoot here. The company has already confirmed that it will bring new screen technology on January 6, and a new Exynos chipset on January 12.