The NBA letter warns teams of early administration, administration of the COVID-19 vaccine

The NBA warned teams on Thursday that franchises were banned from conducting and administering newly released coronavirus vaccines at the team level, prior to public prioritization guidelines, according to a letter received by ESPN.

In informing teams that NBA-advising medical experts agree with the FDA that the new Pfizer and Modern coronavirus vaccines are “safe and effective,” the NBA told teams the league will work to vaccinate its players and staff “according to a timeline.” and setting priorities set by applicable public health guidelines, ”the letter said.

The NBA allows exceptions for team physicians and medical staff and senior staff members or those who have conditions that lead to a higher risk of complications after coronavirus infection, the letter said.

The letter comes after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently told reporters at a conference call that the NBA will not “jump the line” when it comes to the vaccine.

“It goes without saying that we will not skip in any form or in any way,” Adam Silver told a news conference on Monday. “We will wait our turn to get the vaccine. When you consider the logistical feat now being undertaken by the federal and state governments, if every citizen ultimately requires two doses and with a population of over 300 million, it’s out of the question when you start thinking about logistical transport and distribution challenges these vaccines. “

The NBA plans to work with the National Basketball Association on public vaccine safety education campaigns in the coming weeks and months, the letter said.