The NBA eliminates restrictions on recruiting veteran players for G-League rosters

The NBA is eliminating restrictions on the ability of teams to recruit and recruit veteran free agents for their G League rosters, according to a letter to teams given to ESPN.

Removing these restrictions will facilitate the process in which NBA free agents with five or more years of service will be able to join G League teams and be part of the COVID-19 testing protocol, allowing them to integrate more quickly into NBA rosters in the event of an outbreak.

Over 100 players with NBA experience remain unsigned in the pool of free agents, including well-known veterans like Kyle Korver, Dewayne Dedmon, Shabazz Napier, Emmanuel Mudiay, Jeremy Lin, Gerald Green, DeMarre Carroll, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and others.

G League teams have in the past been frustrated by the complex rules governing their ability to add players to their roster through a rotating waiver base.

This new rule will allow teams to designate one “NBA vet selection” to be assigned to one of their ten locations, which will allow NBA teams to directly recruit players they have an interest in G-League teams, instead of waiting to enter the pool.

Players and agents will now have significantly more control over their destinations, which should make the G League more attractive, especially with the shortened schedule caused by the pandemic.

Seventeen G-League teams have announced their intention to participate in the tournament with one place in the balloon in February, until the deadline set for yesterday. The G League teams say they expect to play at least a dozen games, not including the playoffs. Atlanta was mentioned as one of the possible locations for this tournament, but talks are underway with other cities, the source said.

The inclusion of the Ignite G League roster, a qualifying team led by Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga, who predicted the first five selections in the 2021 draft, should add significant intrigue to the tournament, both for NBA leaders and and the general public.

A source told ESPN that a draft of the G League will be implemented in January, which will disperse the players whose rights are the teams of the G League who have decided not to play in the balloon. Players who have signed Exhibition Contracts 10 with NBA teams whose associated G-League teams will not participate in a single-seat tournament may be loaned to the G-League team that opted out (their original NBA team pays the costs). This arrangement will take place with four players who have signed to exhibit ten contracts and who have been waived by the Washington Wizards because they will be “flexible” for the New Orleans Pelicans G League team, Erie Bayhawks.

If the NBA team decides not to “flex” and cover the costs of testing, treatment and accommodation for its 10 contract players, it will enter the set of players eligible for the G-League draft in January.

NBA teams will cover the cost for each member of their G-League associate traveling team in one bubble, which includes daily testing for COVID-19, food, and on-site medical care, which will cost approximately $ 25,000 per person or about 400-500 thousands per team.

Although the exact details are still being worked out, the G-League teams expect to gather in local markets in mid-January, get to the bubble spot a week later, and then roughly start playing tournament games around Feb. 8. The playoffs are expected to be played in the first week of March.

Jonathan Givony is an NBA blueprint expert and the founder and co-owner of, a private reconnaissance and analytics service used by the NBA, NCAA and international teams.