The National Sports Festival will end on Thursday due to lack of funds – LOC

Instead of 12 days, the National Sports Festival will end after seven days due to the failure of the Federal Government to release the fund.

Media and Promotion Coordinator, National Sports Festival, Ebomhiana Musa, announced this PUNCH.

In a statement Wednesday night, he confirmed that the decision was made after an emergency meeting of the Local Organizing Committee headed by
Deputy Governor of Edo, Philip Shaibu.

According to him, the government of the state of Edo will close the current 20th national sports festival by 12 noon on Thursday (today).

He said, “The Local Organizing Committee, Edo2020 regrets announcing that it will abruptly suspend games tomorrow, Thursday, April 8, 2021, due to lack of funds.

“Leaving the emergency meeting tonight, the LOC says that it must make this difficult decision due to the lack of funds that have spent their reserves to start the matches.

“Unfortunately, FG has yet to redeem its conspiracy to financially support us for the price of delay. So, we have no choice but to stop the games tomorrow at noon. ”

The development comes despite the postponement of the festival on several occasions.

Less than 8,000 athletes from different countries of the federation are participating in the festival.

Edo State has raised the alarm over the Federal Government’s failure to secure funding 24 hours before the festival begins.