The man who strangled a delivery man in Rijeka was sentenced to death – Punch Newspapers

Dennis Naku, Port Harcourt

The seat of the High Court in Rijeka in Port Harcourt sentenced and sentenced one Sodienye Mbatumukeke to death by hanging for the murder of delivery agent Jumi Chukwum Eleja in 2017.

Delivering the verdict on Monday, the presiding judge, Judge Chigozie Igwe, said the prosecution team had managed to convince the court that Mbatumukeke had committed the crime.

The judge also found him guilty on another charge, which is armed robbery.

Judge Igwe, however, dismissed and acquitted the second accused, Divine Naabe, on the grounds that the evidence provided by the prosecution team finding him guilty of the crime was suspicious and insufficient.

Judge Igwe said that the first accused Mbatumukeke was guilty of two counts of the indictment, because the prosecution proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The convict’s lawyer, Bonaventure Ugwu, said he would appeal the verdict as instructed by his client, saying: “We told him to put it in writing, but he gave us oral instructions to proceed with the Court of Appeals.”

Meanwhile, Public Prosecutor Director Ibiene Mbano expressed satisfaction with the verdict.

“I’m sure this case will serve as a deterrent to those, especially young people who think they can catch anything they want by mutilation or killing,” she said.

Meanwhile, the wife of the late delivery agent, Blessing Eleya, thanked God for providing her with justice.

She said, “I give glory to Almighty God who did this for me. I say let His name be glorified and I thank the state government. My daughter asked if the father would come back, and I said no. It was not easy for us without him in the family.

“I was the one who answered many questions. His daughter thought he had gone somewhere and would return because she was a year and seven months old when he left (killed). “

Recall that Jumi’s delivery agent, Eleja, was killed on March 25, 2017, when he went to deliver an iPhone and other valuables that the convict ordered online, but his body was strangled and thrown into a septic tank.

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