The Lord Mayor “will not rush” with the redevelopment of WACA

Lord, the mayor of Perth, Basil Zempilas, says he would not rush with a proposal to remodel the WACA field in East Perth, but the WA Cricket Association still hopes the city of Perth will spend some money and fund the swimming community. pool in a cult place.

The Perth City Council has hit WACA’s dream of a pool on the famous six-person field, when it said it was reluctant to pay the running costs of the pool for a 50-meter circle for viewing the oval shape.

However, Mr. Zempilas did not rule out that the pool would continue.

“If the deal is agreed, the pool will be built,” he said. “We want to get the best deal for the city of Perth and we want to get the best pool for the city of Perth.”

New images of the WACA redevelopment plan emerged this morning.

The Prindiville and Inverarity booths will pave the way for a brand new building that will house new indoor cricket nets, a modern gym, as well as new locker rooms and recovery facilities.

The business plan comes out before the council on Tuesday night.

Listen to the full interview below.