The leak of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” reveals Zemo’s surprising reversal

Baron Zemo Daniel Brühl is set to return to MCU in Falcon and winter soldier, and it seems that the villain will bring more than just his iconic purple mask.

Zemo’s role in the Disney + series is still shrouded in mystery, but there’s plenty of reason to believe he’ll be just as awesome as he was in 2016 Captain America: The Civil War.

Some new ones Falcon and winter soldier the leak even suggests that Zemo could bring in one of his largest assets Civil war return to a new series. If true, this development brings bad news for Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes.

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Leak – The Reddit post this week seems to show a first look at some of them Falcon and winter soldierFuture action figures of Marvel Legends, and in the series of photographs there is also a picture of the figure of Baron Zem. The set of boxes contains a Zemo figure, as well as a number of additional accessories, including his purple mask, a golden pistol … and a red book of the Winter Soldier from Captain America: Civil War:

A photo that causes confusion.Reddit

The HYDRA Red Book keeps the code needed to put Bucky in his Winter Soldier condition, and Zemo used it to devastatingly affect Bucky back in Civil war. Since then, the book has not been seen in a single Marvel movie Civil war although many assumed that Zemo either hid it or that one of the Avengers took it in his hands after Zemo was captured at the end of the film.

However, the inclusion of the book in the toy Zemo suggests that the villain really managed to keep it away from the most powerful heroes on Earth.

Daniel Brühl u Captain America: The Civil War.Marvel Studios

Mission Report – This is not the first time the HYDRA Red Book has referred to it Falcon and winter soldier – The code is also shown very briefly in the final episodes of the show’s premiere. The two Easter eggs don’t seem to be accidental either, especially considering how direct Falcon and winter soldier the prime minister actually dealt with Bucky’s ongoing trauma from his winter military days.

Do Easter eggs set the moment when Zemo will try to use the book about Bucky again Falcon and winter soldier? That certainly seems like a likely possibility. Early trailers for Falcon and winter soldier hinted at the tense tense confrontation of the two characters at some point in the series, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Zemo used the code as a way to avoid Bucky’s rage.

Assuming the book is actually used that way in Falcon and winter soldier, the question arises as to whether Bucky will be able to resist the influence of the code on him or not. It will probably depend on how early in the series the code is used, but in any case, Bucky learns how to override his old Winter Soldier program seems like an important step for the character on his way to fully regaining his own identity.

What are you doing now, Zemo?Marvel Studios

The Inverse Analysis – Based Falcon and winter soldier prime minister, Bucky’s past seems to be one of the key points of the series ’focus. Then it makes sense that somewhere in the near future, the character must cross again with both the Earth and the book – the manipulator and his tools.

Of course, there is no way to know for sure if this will happen in the series (WandaVision proved how stupid it can be to try to guess Marvel’s plans), but it’s an interesting and dramatic story to think about right now – especially coming down from Bucky’s story in Falcon and winter soldier prime minister.

Falcon and winter soldier now airing on Disney +.