Since switching to Chromium, Microsoft Edge has become one of the more trusted multi-platform browsers available to users. It even dominates Google Chrome because it doesn’t consume as much memory – a real boon for systems with limited RAM. To offer an even better experience, Microsoft is now introducing a major update that adds a bunch of new features to the browser.

New topics

If you wanted to apply a layer of fresh paint to your browser, you might want to try 24 new themes released by Microsoft. They range from simple colors to game-specific ones, such as Microsoft flight simulator, Forza Horizon 4, i Sea of ​​thieves, among others.

Sleeping tables

Microsoft makes Edge even more efficient in using resources with sleep cards. The feature improves browser performance by freezing inactive tabs and reallocating system resources to run active tabs and programs. This is not activated by default, so you will need to go to the settings menu.

Password Manager

A key feature introduced with the new update is the Password Generator, which will automatically suggest a secure password when you log in to your account or change an existing one. Microsoft also plans to release more Password Manager features, including a monitor that will alert you if your password is detected or leaked on a dark network.

Card history and synchronization

Soon after introducing multi-device history and card synchronization to UK users, Microsoft made this feature available to all users. You’ll now be able to continue where you left off on all your devices (even Android and iOS) and you won’t have to get to a particular phone or computer to find that site you visited on it.

Microsoft Edge: Web browser
Microsoft Edge: Web browser