The iPhone X exploded a claimant in Australia suing Apple for second-degree burns

An Australian whose iPhone X allegedly exploded in his pocket and caused second-degree burns is now suing Apple over an incident that occurred in 2019. He claims to have reported the problem to Apple but has not received a response, according to local media reports. He wanted to receive compensation for the injury and loss he faced due to the alleged burning of the iPhone X. The lawsuit was filed in the District Court in Australia, and Apple is also investigating the lawsuit.

One-year-old iPhone X scientist from Melbourne Robert De Rose reportedly exploded in his pocket while sitting in his office in 2019.

“I heard a faint pop sound, followed by the wind, and then I felt a strong pain in my right leg, so I immediately jumped up and realized it was my phone,” he told the 7NEWS news page.

The exploded iPhone caused second-degree burns on De Rose’s thigh and burned his pants pocket.

“I had ashes everywhere and my skin peeled off,” he explained.

De Rose reported the incident to Apple, but received no response. He then decided to file a lawsuit – asking the company for compensation. The scientist also wanted to warn other iPhone users of the potential danger.

In addition to the De Rose case, Tony Carbone of the Carbone Lawyers law firm informed 7NEWS that he would represent another Apple user in County Court who claimed an overheated Apple Watch burned his wrist. The case is also in court seeking compensation for the incident.

An Apple spokesman told the website that the company takes customer safety extremely seriously and confirmed that two complaints are being investigated.

This is not the first time it has been alleged that Apple devices have inflicted burning injuries on users. The 10-month-old iPhone X reportedly exploded when a user was in the process of installing a software update in the city of Federal Way, Washington, in November 2018. A three-seater iPhone XS Max reportedly caught fire in the back pocket of a Ohio man in the U.S. in December 2018.

In general, smartphones and other smart devices can catch fire due to their batteries. Users are advised to avoid overcharging and keeping the phone in their back pockets, as it generally turns out that they are the main causes of burns and explosions.

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