The iPhone game for kids is secretly turning into a casino

San Francisco: Application developer Kosta Eleftheriou has revealed that an iPhone app that posed as a children’s game has secretly turned into a cryptocurrency-funded casino in Turkey.

The game called Jungle Run, which Apple is reportedly now pulling out, is aimed at children 4 and older, but if you use a VPN or access the app via IP from Turkey, it unlocks the online casino, UberGizmo reports.

“This @AppStore app pretends to be a silly platformer game for kids over 4, but if I set up my VPN in Turkey and restart, it becomes a network casino that doesn’t even use Apple’s IAP,” Eleftheriou tweeted.

The developer points out that Apple advertises the App Store as a place that users can trust, so that people would not think twice about downloading this application.

Eleftheriou claims the app has stayed in the App Store for months, and even its updates have been approved by Apple.

Earlier in 2021, Eleftheriou pointed out the number of scams in the App Store that affected his business. His claims suggested that scams could steal his ideas and promote himself using his screenshots and videos.

After allegedly encountering roadblocks during development that allowed competition to thrive, he is now suing Apple for damages, the report said.

He has since used his Twitter account to highlight other scams that have entered the App Store.