The iOS privacy query is starting to be introduced

Apple hasn’t officially announced this yet, but there are several reports that a new iOS 14.x privacy query is starting to appear in some apps.

Apple originally announced this feature at WWDC 2020 and intended to release it in the initial release of iOS 14 in September. Testing iOS 14 over the summer, I was impressed by this and a handful of other new features, noting that Apple has cleverly stepped up its iOS privacy marketing, as they are a key selling point for the platform. Unfortunately, it has been postponed to early 2021 because companies like Facebook have complained that they need more time to adjust to the change.

Well, it seems to run a little early, at least in some apps.

According to Apple, this new privacy query will appear when any iOS (either iPadOS or tvOS) app tries to connect “user or device data collected from [the] applications with information about users or devices collected from applications, websites, or offline properties of other companies for targeted advertising or advertising measurement. “The query tells the user what the application is trying to do and allows him to block or allow tracking.

Facebook recently posted full-page ads in newspapers, complaining about the change and promoting itself as a protector of small businesses that it says rely on ad-based tracking. Obviously, this is actually the only source of significant revenue for Facebook, and its anti-Apple promotion fell with a bang.

More importantly, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to the complaint by accurately stating that “users need to know when their data is being collected and shared in other apps and on websites – and they should be able to allow it or not. “Transparency of tracking apps in iOS 14 doesn’t require Facebook to change its approach to tracking users and creating targeted advertising,” Apple explained. “It just requires users to be given a choice.”

Well, that choice is imposed.

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