The invitation letter to Meizu marks its entry into the smart home market with the Lipro subbrand

Meizu recently sent an invitation to media agencies to officially announce its new subbrand Lipro, which will focus on smart home products. The invitation is for the conference on January 5, 2021.

Image via Tech Son

According to a TechSina The report, the invitation letter carried an acrylic plate and a paper invitation. The name of the brand “Lipro” is engraved on the board. Only the invitation letter bore the word “welcome” in Chinese, which is likely to introduce a new subbrand as well. “Inspired by J. Wong,” the founder of the Chinese technology giant can be seen engraved on the back of this letter.

With this invitation, Meizu is finally entering the smart home industry and will launch products and services in this market. Lipro is a new brand that will focus on interconnected IoT products from homes. According to the report, Lipro is a combination of the words “life” and “for”. This means that the company’s products are designed to improve lives.


Unfortunately, more precise details about the brand and its products are currently unknown. Apart from the name, the company has not revealed other details yet. But we can expect to hear more from the company on January 5, 2020. So stay tuned for more information, as we will provide updates when additional information becomes available.