The Indian appreciates much of me, says Marsvelous Mohan India News

Star Trek ‘when she was nine, and a physics class when she was 16 Swati Mohan on the way to Nasa – and along the way she almost became a pediatrician. Her voice announced on February 18 that the Perseverance, a SUV-sized rover that would search for ancient life on March, landed. “I came home to my family and hugged them. They were super proud, ”Chandrimi Banerjee said on Tuesday.
After eight years of running the Mars 2020 Guidelines, Navigation and Controls, overseeing the “eyes and ears of a spacecraft”, Mohan he said none of this would have been possible without diversity. “They all built from the strengths of each other, so the ability of the whole team was more than the sum of the individual people.”
At home, too, the confluence of cultures shaped who she was: “I was a year old when I moved from India to the United States. I am as Indian as I am American. My parents raised me with very strong Indian values ​​… So we managed to take the best of both worlds and integrate it into what we are. ”