The Hong Kong High Court has ruled that comedian Stephen Chow does not have to pay a commission to an ex-girlfriend to sell a luxury home | Showbiz

The Hong Kong High Court ruled yesterday that comedian Stephen Chow does not have to pay a commission to his ex-girlfriend Alice Yu to sell their luxury home. – Image via Instagram / stephenchow622

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 24 – A Hong Kong court has dropped a lawsuit filed by ex-girlfriend of comedian and director Stephen Chow, accusing him of failing to pay her a commission of more than HKD 70 million (RM 37 million) from selling their luxury home.

Citing the verdict published yesterday by the High Court of the city state, the Singapore portal Straits Times reported that the presiding judge instead ordered Alice Yu to pay the costs.

Yu, 49, who divorced Chow in 2010, testified in court in November that she and Chow reached an oral agreement on the commission on Christmas Eve 2002.

He was reportedly suggested that he give her a bicycle. But she then proposed a 10 percent commission on their investments, including three luxury units with five parking spaces and projects from his investment fund.

Taking a stand during the trial, 58-year-old Chow admitted in court that he made a promise, but said it was just “sweet words” during their 13-year courtship.

Yu insisted that Chow was both her boyfriend and business partner at the time, by oral agreement, i.e. business contract and legally enforceable, otherwise Chow would not share with her the return on investment after their termination.

Chow, who directed hits like Kung Fu Hustle (2004), CJ7 (2008) i Mermaid (2016), however, said that he gave her the money without any other motives.

Although it was unclear how much Yu had to pay the costs, the judge ruled yesterday that Yu did not act as a real estate agent and did not facilitate Chow’s investments.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Oriental Daily reported Chow’s lawyer Anthony Siu, saying the actor hopes the matter will end in a verdict.

He also congratulated the Hong Kongers on Christmas on behalf of Chow.