The head of a missing fishmonger was found in the sanctuary

Written by Ernest Nwokolo, Abeokuta

The dry head of a 45-year-old fishmonger, Ms. Memunat Ayinde, who has been declared missing since Oct. 1, has been found in a herb sanctuary identified as Dosu Sunday.

Detectives from Ogun State Police Command took the woman’s head from the weed this week.

Memunat and commercial motorcyclist Ibikunle Ajose, who was transporting her to the place where she bought the fish, were both declared missing more than 12 weeks ago when there was no trace of their whereabouts.

The incident was reported at the headquarters of the Ado-Odo department, but was transferred to the anti-kidnapping unit of the State Criminal and Intelligence Department (SCIID) to unravel the mystery of their disappearance.

After gathering intelligence, one of the suspects, Okediran Monsuru, was found near Badagry in the state of Lagos and imprisoned. His arrest extradited three more, namely Ajaoba on Monday, Akewusola Wajud and Nupo Pona, who were subsequently captured.

The quartet admitted to working for the infamous looting of the country, which they identified as “Lebo”.

The suspects said they transferred the woman and the commercial motorcyclist to a road near the village of Abisoye, abducted them, took them to an unfinished building in a bushy area, tied them up and later called their director by phone to come for a ‘catch’.

Police spokesman Abimbola Oyeyemi said the five suspects, Okediran Monsuru, Ajaoba on Monday, Akewusola Wajud, Nupo Pona and Dasu Sunday were in their custody while a chase was launched for their main fugitive head, “Lebo”.